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Did you know that customers prefer to watch a video about 4 times as much as they want to read about a certain brand, product or service? Yes, it is true, the power of video is really amazing. It is really no wonder that video has become incredibly popular over the last couple of years and why online consumers and shoppers turn to video to learn more about the new brand, products, and services.

Videos are not only preferred by online shoppers and consumers, but they also have a huge impact on them. According to one research, more than 50% of the online viewers will make an action after watching a video and viewers who watch a video that is related to a certain product, are more likely to buy the product.

For businesses, marketers, and brands that are interested in taking advantage of the power of video, the best way to do it is to create explainer video company. Explainer videos have the ability to quickly and smoothly grab the attention of the audience by sharing a compelling and interesting story within 60 seconds.

In this article, we are going to present a few tips on how to create effective 60 second explainer videos:

Share your story and the benefits: When creating an explainer video, the businesses and brands usually make one common mistake: making a 60-second video that shares benefit after benefit, and etc. This is really boring and no one really cares about the benefits of your brand as they don’t really know your brand. More than 90% of the online users say that they would consider using ad blocking tool as they are so tired of content and videos that are trying to sell to them. You need to focus on creating a compelling and interesting story that will entertain viewers and educate them properly about your idea and product. You need to share your story and connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Identify a takeaway and design your story around it: As you probably know – less is more, especially when it comes to explainer videos. You surely don’t want to add too many details and information in them. Instead, we recommend you to keep things simple, clear, and concise. After watching 10 or 15 minutes video, the viewers will probably forget everything from the video but after watching a 60-second video, the viewer will be able to remember 5 or 6 things for sure. It is a good thing to focus on one point only and build your story around it.

Use familiar and well-known metaphors: When you promote your new product or service, you introduce a new topic and you want to make sure you do everything properly so your audience can understand what are you trying to say. One effective way to help them is to create metaphors and phrases that relate to the specific topic. You need to make sure that these phrases and metaphors are ones that your target group will be familiar with. The phrases and metaphors can help clarify ideas that are complicated white at the same time making a visual for them that can help viewers understand and remember the most important points. The phrases, as well as, the metaphors can help bring the subject matter to life. They can help your video stand out from the crowd!

That’s it! You are ready to create your own 60 second explainer videos now!