Musicians who got caught Sex-Tape Scandals

Today the idea of having celebrity sex tapes is nothing to but a passing chance to watch some porn. Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame begins with the release of her sex tapes. However, it wasn’t always the case. In the past celebrity sex tapes could break a musician’s career. Nowadays, it’s just a passing notion.

Ray J

His name is nothing to remember because it was Kim Kardashian who cashed in on this celebrity sex tape. At age 22 Kim Kardashian and Ray J went on a trip to the luxury Esperanza resort in Cabo, Mexico. They were celebrating her 23rd birthday. Young love and a desire to catch these fancy moments, they took to filming themselves for the camera. Then they thought it would be a great idea to create porn. This became one of the most infamous celebrity sex tapes, making Kim Kardashian a household name!

Tommy Lee Jones

Another famous rocker making this list is Tommy Lee Jones. You can watch this tape on most porn sites. This celebrity sex tape shows Tommy Lee Jones masturbating all over his wife’s breasts and while simultaneously using his penis like the horn of a speedboat, going “Honk, Honk.” Throughout the tape both a filmed naked throughout the video. Tommy Is WELL-ENDOWED, driving his female fans wild! The tape was stolen from their Californian home in 1996.

Durst, Fred

Notorious for chronicling his liaisons in numerous blogs and famous for his obsessions with rear-entry nookie. This celebrity sex tape stars Fred Durst along with an unidentified female model. His three-minute clip was allegedly taken from Durst’s computer while it was being repaired. This latest tape goes to along with his obsession of having sex with a woman and proving himself to the public. Perhaps it is his way to make up for his little dick syndrome!

Snoop Doggy Dog

Shying away from this image of being a sex god, once upon a time Snoop Dogg hosted the 2002’s Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style. This was mostly footage of drunk girls flashing breasts to the famous rapper for a minute of fame. However, in 2002, two women filed suit against Snoop, claiming they weren’t aware that they were being filmed. Good news for Snoop Dogg, was the case settled out of court. Despite the legal setbacks, Snoop won two Adult Video News awards for porn movie Doggystyle in 2002. Nowadays Snoop has distanced himself from the Girls Gone Wild days. Today Snoop Doggy Dog is adopting a more family-friendly image.

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was a very talented man, but he was known to be a super creep! He also had the fetish of urinating on the ladies. Berry was a man of odd, often bathroom-related fetishes. At his restaurant in Missouri 60 women accused him of voyeurism after a hidden video camera was discovered in the ladies’ toilet there. In his defense, Berry claimed he had installed it to catch a worker who he suspected of stealing from the restaurant, but his accusers said the tapes were only created for the gratification of his sexual fetishes. He paid off 58 women by settling a class action lawsuit. He was never found guilty of that crime despite the overwhelming amount of evidence.