Once in a while, we come across a TV show that defines a genre, while a select few starts a new genre. Glee is one such show. The story of an optimistic teacher who helps inspire the local Glee club to aim high has become one of the all-time feel-good shows. But music is not the only reason people loved this series.

Glee was home to some of the sexiest characters on the small screen. In this article, we will list some of the hottest Glee characters.

According to celebrating ranking website Ranker, Dianna Agron was the hottest star on Glee. She plays the character of cheerleader Quinn Fabray who is also a member of the singing club, The New Directions. Prior to her role in Glee, we saw Agron on the silver screen in Heroes and Veronica Mars.

Lea Michele playing the role of a driven singer Rachel Berry is another character that stands out. Berry has Broadway ambitions. As a talented singer, she was at the center of New Directions’ performances. In real life, Michele performed in a Broadway production, Spring Awakening and was also a child star in a few theater productions.

Another cheerleader in the McKinley High caught our attention. Heather Elizabeth Morris playing the role of Brittany S. Pierce is hard to ignore on screen. Though she plays the dumb blonde at times, she loves to dance and her performance of I’m a Slave 4 U is one of the hottest we have ever seen on Glee. Prior to the series, Morris missed making the cut at the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and then found success as Beyonce’s backup dancer.

The ladies would be offended if we do not put Chris Colfer in our list. Colfer is probably the most talented character in Glee. He is a gifted singer and has an amazing vocal range. Women loved his role as Kurt Hummel.