There are only a few shows people remember for generations and Glee is one of them. Though the musical drama finished its final run in 2015, it had already become a cultural phenomenon in many countries.

 During its six-season long run, the show won two Golden Globes, two Prime Time Emmys and a host of other awards. Glee had become something that other shows can only dream about. Thanks to its popularity, arts programs were revived at schools, and teenagers were encouraged to perform. Glee proved a scripted musical can find success even on TV.

 The show played a big role in bringing music back to the Television audience.

But more than anything else, Glee’s biggest accomplishment was a message of being comfortable with your own self. It taught the new generation it is ok to be the underdog.

Glee has given hope to millions of students around the world about the possibilities. Teenagers stood up to bullying, endured tough situations like school shootings and much more because they drew inspiration from a TV series.

 The producers of the show used its popularity to speak about many touchy subjects and made inroads with teenagers where others failed. This is possibly the biggest accomplishment of the show.

They show put arts education, inclusion and diversity as central themes of every episode. The consistent approach allowed viewers the ability to change their own long-standing prejudices about subjects like LGBT rights, teenage pregnancy and other social issues.

They used every opportunity to highlight a social issue in a way that made sense to youngsters. As a result, everyone benefited.

 The show took lead from many other influencers and brought it to teens. For example, after Oprah Winfrey’s campaign against texting and driving, Glee brought out an episode about the subject.

Glee impacted our lives, and it will continue to influence us for decades to come.